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Luach Hatzibur was founded in 2008 to serve as a daily soundboard for the growing Jewish population in the Tri-State area. 

The founders of Luach Hatzibur realized the needs of addressing the community on a daily basis with local news, Torah insights and serve as an advertising medium for storeowners, fundraising events, updated local government regulations and political campaigns.

Luach Hatzibur is a daily publication that distributes to over 250 local synagogues, stores and communal addresses as well as sending daily emails to subscribers.  Since its inception, the demands of its avid readers and fans have increased our distribution to many more locations as well as heeding to their inputs, Luach Hatzibur constantly adds more contents and features to its popular paper.
“Our mission is to address the reading and advertising needs of the community with the right exposure, right content and right results!”

The RIGHT content:

Luach Hatzibur features the following contents:
>> Daily News:
All local news and important information that pertains to the Jewish community gets updated and reported on a daily basis in the Luach Hatzibur.  Any major communal events, government and political notices are clearly addressed.

>> Torah Thoughts and Insights:
Luach Hatzibur has a team of knowledgeable and scholarly advisors who pen their wisdom in our paper.  The broad subjects and scope of intensity have attracted many readers who appreciate this dose of inspiration and Torah thought of the day.

>> Engagement, Weddings, Bar Mitzvahs and Birth Announcements:
It is our pride and joy to share good news with the community.  Anyone wishing to announce their Simcha-special celebration, in our publication or to post an invitation is welcome to do so.

>> Advertisements:

The ideal place to advertise upcoming sales, grand openings , fundraising events, political campaigns and functions.  Your advertisement is guaranteed to generate results, as it is seen by thousands of readers on a daily basis.

>> Lost and Found:

“Lost today - found tomorrow!” That is our motto. If by chance you lose or find an object, feel free to place a notice in the Luach Hatzibur.  We have successfully helped individuals find their rightful belongings.

>> Articles:

Our editor and writers are constantly captivating our audience with articles that appeal to the needs of the community.  We always welcome feedback from our readers and seek to address major issues and concerns.

>> Classifieds:
Job opportunities, rentals and sales attract the attention of thousands of our readers.

The RIGHT exposure:

Luach Hatzibur’s goal is to meet the demands of the Jewish Community.  We also understand thesensitivity of addressing only news and events that pertain and are relevant to share with the growing Jewish population.
As a popular Jewish Daily Publication; Luach Hatzibur is proud of its distribution to over 250 local shops and synagogues.  Our leaflets contents are valued by the orthodox community and therefore have gained reputable status to enable the paper to be placed daily at such revered locations, such as synagogues. We target the tri-state area which encompasses an attractive audience.  All information and advertisements are exposed to our thousands of readers and avid fans who eagerly anticipate viewing the Luach Hatzibur first thing in the morning, when they come to pray at their synagogue or visit their local groceries and shops. “For maximum results - Luach Hatzibur serves as the RIGHT exposure!”
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